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Looking Forward...

Two months into 2014 and we are getting a clearer view of the coming year.

The US economy and employment continues to strengthen because of our low energy costs and a flexible workforce. Europe has hit the bottom and is slowly getting better. Their return to prosperity will be slower as they have much higher energy costs, a more bureaucratic government and an in-flexible workforce.

Our federal government has begun to reduce it’s bond buying. This signals confidence in our economic ability to operate under our own power. It also signals that interest rates will start to rise to a more normal level... good for those of us who earn interest and bad for those who pay interest.

The new “Obama Care” health plan has had a difficult start. As the US consumer becomes more involved with the cost and coverages for their medical insurance, they will be the driving force to reduce our countries future health care costs.

Further optimism can be heard in Washington DC as conversations begin over reducing the cost / size of our military and improving the tax code to better fit the new economy.

Providing no major geo-political issues, we anticipate our investments will do very well this year... :)

Best Wishes... Mark Herhold

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