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All New Highs... Again...

Recently, we’ve seen the stock market and our portfolios hit all new highs... again. Since the bottom in the spring of 2009, the stock market has made steady steps forward.

The two major market indicators (value and momentum) indicate there is still more room for continued improvement :-).

Interest rates remain at 100 year lows, which is motivating sales of cars, houses and business development. The Fed remains consistent in its comments that rates will remain low and stable until mid 2015, and then, only modest moves up toward normalcy.

Energy remains the unsung hero for this US comeback story. Recently, the United States was noted as having the most petroleum reserves of any country in the world! Yes, that means more then Saudi Arabia, more then Iraq, more then Russia...

This abundance of economic go-go-juice has put US manufacturers at an economic ADVANTAGE to other countries, thus bringing back jobs and profits to us, the United States.

Currently our portfolios are out performing our expectations. Looking forward, we remain optimistic...

Best Wishes... Mark Herhold

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