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05-15-17 Market Update

Spring has sprung, and so has our economy. During the past eight months, the stock and bond markets have seen good, consistent growth… AND shown great stability…. this combination is seldom seen and so it is truly appreciated…..

  • With the growing number of employment opportunities, low interest rates, below normal prices at the gas pump, and the increasing values of our portfolios and homes, everything is truly looking up.

  • These underlying solid economic fundamentals could even get better this year if the new administration can get through an updated tax code and complete a health care makeover, then look out… it could be a FANTASTIC year financially for our country.

  • Economic benefits are even being seen on the global scale. The financial bailouts of both Greece and Italy have truly benefited the ability of the European Union to stay together as they work through the departure of Great Britain.

As the first quarter of the year has come to a close, we are truly experiencing a great financial start to 2017. As we know “market pull backs” are always a part of our portfolio’s growing pains and should be expected sometime by year's end.

Mark Herhold

improving your financial future

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